Jamie and our friend getting some yummy watermelon!
Jamie and our friend getting some yummy watermelon!

We arrived in India…less one bag but Jamie’s bag arrived the very next day and delivered right to us!

We are so excited to be back here – and tried to prepare ourselves for the 38C weather – 90 to 100% humidity and power cuts.  Ah  yes, it all comes back to us 🙂

The hospitality and food have been amazing and I’ve already been able to speak at one church service as well as at a ladies group. Later this week we will visit a home for handicap youth as well as do a foot care clinic with a local doctor.

We went on a shopping day yesterday which proved to be another whole new experience.  It was a local day holiday – a day to shop!  For real!  Schools were closed so families could all go shopping for one day sales.  It was a mad house!!  We were able to purchase some clothes and I’ve already taken my saris and punjab suits to get stitched at the tailors….custom made – I like it!