Road Trip – Third Stop – Fraser Island

Sand roads on the island
Sand roads on the island.

After a lovely day at the zoo, we made our way to the ocean edge to stay in Hervey Bay for the night.  It was definitely a challenge to find a hotel room due to a huge touch football tournament in the city – with over 6000 people coming in for the games.

In the morning, day started early with the 4 of us getting picked up at the hotel to head to the ferry to cross over to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is a world heritage due to the fact that it is the only place in the world that a rainforest with HUGE trees are all growing in only sand.  There is a bacteria in the sand that the trees get their nutrients from.  They are sustained and grow despite it being only sand.

Once across by ferry, we boarded a large 4×4 bus that made its way across the island on the bumpiest sand roads ever.  Once across, we got the beach and zipped up the beach. It was so lovely seeing the open ocean and the humpback whales breaching not too far offshore.

Not too far up the beach we were able to take a small 6 seater plane up to see the island and the whales from the air.  What a sight!  It was an amazing experience!

The rest of our day was filled with taking in the sights of a large fresh water lake, a walk in through the rainforest, checking out a shipwreck, and enjoying some great lunch.

Our day ended with a sale back to the mainland and whole lot of memories.

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