Winter Magic @ Bondi Beach

DSC00114This afternoon we made our way down to the beach to experience Winter Magic @ Bondi Beach.  We decided we were going to go skating at the beach!  Mykee grabbed his own skates that he had brought back with him when he returned home this past Christmas, and we rented skates that were very similar to our ski boots.  The rink was about ¼ of the regular size rink with a capacity of 200 people!  The ice was filled with people of all skill levels eager to try the infamous winter activity – many who were standing up, and many who found themselves laying down on the ice often.  It was obviously a first opportunity for many.  If only they had the foresight to shove a pillow down their pants to protect their behind… (kind of like what one child of mine used to do).   We found ourselves dodging the ones laying on the ice and hoped and prayed we could get out of their way before gliding over a digit or two.  And the ice?  One can only describe the ice condition like a frozen lake that has had a layer of slush frozen to the surface…along with some nice ruts.  Not ideal – but memorable J

All in all, we did have a good time.  Really, how often will one be able to skate by the beach with the sound of the ocean in the background?

Harbour beauty

This past week we spent several days walking many kilometers taking in the beauty of the city.  We went to Paddy’s Market, Chinatown, Darling Harbour (day & night fireworks), botanical gardens and of course the iconic Opera House.  We are glad to have Mykee and Faith able to join us on some of the days to point out some ‘not in the guidebook’ places like the Bird Cage Alley art exhibit that started out as a simple art exhibit but people loved it so much that it became a permanent fixture for the locals who know where to find it 🙂  Of course, no city walk-about would be complete without a “flat white” to bring contentment to the coffee lovers.  Thank goodness they do great chai lattes here 🙂